CVRA second at SwissEurobot 2018

On April 13-14 in Yverdon-les-Bains we took part in the 21st Swiss Robotics Cup. We were there with 20 other teams, including 9 foreign ones.

The first day was difficult for the CVRA. The robots had reliability issues, and it was hard for us to pick up the cubes. We finished the day at the 8th position, with a total of 322 points.

However, we spent the night working and the next day was much better for us. The first game of Saturday we scored 266 points, almost doubling our total! We climbed up the ladder after this and were qualified for the finals.

The finals were quite stressful for us. We lost the first game, which meant that any further lost match would mean the end of the competition. Fortunately, everything went well, and we went to the final game, where we lost against Happy Social Robot.

CVRA team with our two robots, Order & Chaos

As we are in the first three Swiss teams, we will represent Switzerland in the Eurobot finals. It will take place from May 9th to May 13th in La Roche-sur-Yon, France. The two other teams qualified with us are Happy Social Robot from Rapperswill (Swiss champion) and TeamAuto from Yverdon (4th).

The club would like to thank again our sponsors. Without you, none of this adventure would be possible.

You can find more pictures of the event in the pictures section.