Eurobot 2010: Feed the world


The robot which is able to collect the most foodstuffs in its container will be declared winner!

The game elements for this year represent fruits, cereals and vegetables:

  • Red juggling balls on the floor, they represent tomatoes.
  • Yellow Polypropylene cylinders « planted » in the floor represent ears of corn.
  • Orange juggling balls are attached to trees, they represent oranges. They weigh more than the balls chosen for tomatoes.

2010 Robot: Lollipop

The principle is quite simple the red balls are sucked up in the robot’s yellow tube where up to four balls can be stored. Up to 5 ears of corn can go through the robot to be stored in reserved compartment in the back of the robot.

The robot wanders over the table, collecting the game elements. When full, he can pour out the foodstuffs collected in the contained planned for that purpose.